• Pick-Up Summer with JOY Ice Cream Maker

Pick-Up Summer with JOY Ice Cream Maker

картинка Pick-Up Summer with JOY Ice Cream Maker
Before the start of the summer season, Polyus plant launched a JOY tabletop display case for ice cream. Extravagant and stylish design will fit perfectly into any retail space design.
The showcase has curved front and side double-glazed windows. Excellent visibility of the assortment is ensured by elevated gastronorm containers, and LED lighting inside the showcase effectively illuminates the surface and allows to brightly demonstrate dessert at any time of the day. Transparent gastronorm trays GN1/3 are included in the list.

The showcase is equipped with a dynamic cooling system and evenly distributes cold. Ice cream will keep in an attractive form for a long time, even in hot weather. Greater performance is achieved through the use of energy efficient R290 refrigerant. Showcase operation is controlled by a digital controller. Thanks to the hot gas defrost, the maintenance time of the showcase is reduced.
Show-windows are issued in two standard sizes on length: 800 mm and 1180 mm. The show-window supports temperature condition from -12 to -25 degrees. The case of a show-window approaches under installation on a table-top with a depth of 500 mm.

Optionally, you can order stainless steel gastronorm containers for ice cream 360 x 165 x 150 mm and trays for them. Various front panel color options are available.
Tabletop ice cream showcases are a warehouse program and will always be in stock at the manufacturer's warehouse!

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19 апреля 2022