• New! Confectionary showcases COSMO

New! Confectionary showcases COSMO

картинка New! Confectionary showcases COSMO
Possibilities endless like SPACE.

New confectionary showcases COSMO are ideal for ANY configurations of cafes, bakeries and confectionaries.​ Especially if you need to change and expand the concept by varying space and volume of product exposure with showcases of different heights of the same design.

Endless possibilities of organizing space, style and versatility of COSMO are guaranteed by:

- wide range: 27 standard linear modules: three lengths, three heights, three depths;

- two types of execution: free-standing and built-in.

Flat edgesof doubleglazed windows and the absence of connecting strips in the external glazing contourgives the windows a lightness and the effect of INFINITY.

Standard equipment includes level-adjustable shelves, with LED lighting, integrated price tags, front tilt double-glazed window for the KC84 line.

7 июля 2020