SHOWCASES A37 (Sushi Bar)

картинка SHOWCASES A37 (Sushi Bar)
картинка SHOWCASES A37 (Sushi Bar)
картинка SHOWCASES A37 (Sushi Bar)

Desktop showcases A37 (Sushi bar) are designed for short-term storage of popular Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, rolls and others. The distribution of the cold produced at the bottom and top is even that does not blow over the products and protects them from freezing and drying.

Main features:

  • Refrigerating unit Electrolux
  • Refrigerant R600a
  • Nominal voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Climate class: 3
  • Ambient temperature +12…+25 °С, relative humidity not more than 60%
  • The body is made of steel
  • Compressors of the world leading manufacturers
Brochure 3D models
Model Dimensions, mm Weight, kg t, °C Exhibited area, mm Electricity consumption per day, kW
Length Width Height
A37 SM 1,0-1 (ВХСв-1,0 sushi case)A37 SM 1,0-1 (ВХСв-1,0 sushi case) A37 SM 1,0-1 (ВХСв-1,0 sushi case)
1090 370 260 33 +2…+10 805х305 3,3
A37 SM 1,5-1 (ВХСв-1,5 sushi case)A37 SM 1,5-1 (ВХСв-1,5 sushi case) A37 SM 1,5-1 (ВХСв-1,5 sushi case)
1440 370 260 37 +2…+10 1260х305 3,7
A37 SM 1,8-1 (ВХСв-1,8 sushi case)A37 SM 1,8-1 (ВХСв-1,8 sushi case) A37 SM 1,8-1 (ВХСв-1,8 sushi case)
1790 370 260 43 +2…+10 1400х305 3,9
  • Controller
  • Top and bottom evaporator
  • Expositional surface, tabletop made of stainless steel 
  • Night curtains made of organic glass
  • Color of the bottom panel: green
  • Green rug
  • Gastronorm 1/3 (325х176х40 mm) made of steinless steel  (1,0-5 pc; 1,5-7 pc; 1,8-8 pc)